Our beginnings date back to 1920, the year in which the Grau family began the activity of marketing rabbits. At that time, the activity focused on the collection of live rabbits house by house, to later be sold also live, to those customers who later slaughtered them in their homes for consumption or sale among their neighbors.

For 40 years this was undoubtedly the pillar of our economic activity and business area. The activity continued until our first big change arrived and we made the decision to modernize and adapt our company and activity to the new economic and social circumstances.

For this reason, in the mid-1960s, we built and legalized what would be the first rabbit slaughterhouse in our geographical area and we began to slaughter and commercialize our rabbits in a specialized way, specifically in the cooled rabbit carcass format. Giving our products the highest quality and food safety for our customers and end consumers.

In 2005, we decided to go a step further and specialize in our activity by making one of the biggest decisions: closing the complete production cycle; in this way we adapt our infrastructures to the breeding, slaughter and sale of our own rabbits.

After a great economic investment, we completed the construction and start-up of the largest live rabbit production unit in our geographical area, having about 8,000 breeding stock rabbits that provide about 4,000 rabbits per week or more than 200,000 rabbits by year.

In 2012, after a strong and constant presence in regional, national and European markets, we decided to complete our development cycle, internationalizing our activity through our commercial brand, CUNEXCA, S.L. (Cunícola Exportadora Catalana, S.L.), in charge of spreading our experience, professionalism, and food quality to any part of the world.

Our company and experience, already centuries old, is a model and a benchmark in our sector; having as our sole concern the satisfaction and trust of our clients.