Rabbit breaded with courgettes

Time: 20 min.            Difficulty:Easy              Rations: 4

1 rabbit 1-1.5 kg, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 small courgettes, 3 tablespoons of grated cheese, 1 tablespoon of fried cashews, 200 g of breadcrumbs, 2 eggs, wheat flour, a few leaves of fresh parsley, olive oil, pepper and salt.

1. Wash the courgettes, cut them into slices and arrange them in a baking dish. Crush the cashews together with the grated cheese and sprinkle the mixture over the courgettes, before putting them in the oven preheated to 180ºC. Bake for 15 minutes.

2. Chop the rabbit, add salt, pepper and flour. Beat the eggs and soak the floured rabbit. Next, drain the pieces and pass them through the breadcrumbs, previously mixed with chopped garlic and parsley.

3. Fry the rabbit over medium heat in a pan with olive oil. Once fried, reserve the pieces on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

4. Serve the rabbit accompanied by the roasted courgettes.

With the breading of the rabbit meat, a very nutritious and complete dish is achieved and easily accepted by the whole family, especially the little ones. For celiacs, use gluten-free breadcrumbs and flour. In addition, the way of preparing courgettes contributes to incorporating vegetables into the diet in an original way.

The courgettes with which we accompany this dish is a vegetable with interesting nutritional properties. Its content in vitamins and minerals such as potassium stands out. In addition, as 95% of its composition is water, it is diuretic and purifying.

Energy: 532 kcal / Proteins: 37 g / Carbohydrates: 22 g / Fat: 32 g

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